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News10 07 2023

Moto Morini has appeal! This year’s numbers paint the picture


Moto Morini is growing, this is revealed by the registration figures for the first half of this year, which have reached 2001* throughout Italy, compared to around 1,357 of last year – same period. The ANCMA’s figures speak of an upward trajectory, which sees the historic motorbike manufacturer placing high in the ranking of best-selling motorbikes. In fact, the X-CAPE 650 stands out in 8th place with 1519* registered motorbikes, taking the Morini brand to 5th place in the sum of the naked/enduro/touring segments within the 400-800cc displacement range

Moto Morini, which in 2018 relaunched itself on the “Bel Paese””s market with a renewed proposal, in models and price ranges, is now reaping the rewards of a shrewd choice; a path that has led the brand to strengthen its presence also in Europe, especially in Spain and Portugal, and overseas, in the United States and South America.

Much of Moto Morini’s Italian success has been driven precisely by the X-Cape 650, launched on the market in 2019. The well-known crossover has won the hearts of enthusiasts in the Peninsula and around the world thanks to its quality equipment and an inclusive price list, ending 2022 with 2298* registrations.

With a constant commitment to excellence, innovation and quality, Moto Morini has been able to meet the challenges of the market, responding to the needs of motorcyclists with products that are always different. In 2022 the SEIEMMEZZO came, with the STR and SCR models: a family driven by the desire for flexibility, towards different styles and needs. Launched last August and available on the market from September, the SEIEMMEZZO boldly enters an already densely populated slice of the market, that of naked and scrambler medium-sized bikes, with the intention of meeting the needs of those looking for Italian design, quality components and comfort at the right price. The SEIEMMEZZO now boasts a decidedly encouraging number of registrations, 589* units have been registered to date; a number destined to grow thanks to all those who choose this model with its iconic style and refined Italian design.

Alberto Monni, General Manager of Moto Morini, commented: “We are thrilled with the extraordinary results we achieved at the beginning of this year. The X-CAPE was a great success, but also the newcomer SEIEMMEZZO proved that Moto Morini is capable of creating products that capture the imagination of riders. We will continue to invest in innovation and quality, furthering our mission to deliver exceptional riding experiences for everyone.”

Moto Morini looks to the future with confidence, committed to consolidating its name as a reference for the motorbike market and its community.

The brand’s participation in various events in Italy and Europe, with its entire range of products, including the SEIEMMEZZO, is not accidental: Moto Morini wants to be put to the test, it wants to get in touch with people, to make its products known in practice, through test-rides and direct testimonials.

Through its network and the continuous development of quality products, the company aims to meet the needs of motorcyclists all over the world, offering them a unique and unforgettable riding experience.

*Source: Ancma data..

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