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News09 05 2023

Moto Morini, with its iconic X-CAPE, becomes partner of the local police, together with Bertazzoni


The Moto Morini’s X-CAPE 650 motorcycles are supplied to local police with a special outfit

Moto Morini, the historic brand of motorcycles that has made performance and safe riding two pillars for nearly 100 years, together with Bertazzoni, the expert company that creates special outfits for police’s vehicles, has delivered the first 650cc X-Cape to the local police of Castelfidardo and Senigallia, and more will follow.

These local police departments have chosen the X-CAPE, the more important commercial success of Moto Morini, thanks to its versatility and its structure designed for dynamic and comfortable riding. The motorcycle remains the same: thanks to its unique trellis frame, its comfortable and adjustable handlebars, and its large saddle, this model ensures an optimal position for the rider, even during long travels or off-road trips.

Also, the premium equipment remains the same, with important supplies from the most renowned brands of the Italian excellence.

The Brembo braking system – a guarantee of safety – is combined with the Bosch switchable ABS system.

The Marzocchi adjustable forks are designed to ensure maximum stability and the Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires guarantee fundamental support for every street.

The new special setting is the result of the collaboration between Moto Morini and Bertazzoni and is based on an important keyword: safety. For this reason, particular attention has been paid also to the selection of special sirens and flashing lights (defined in the Highway Code as “additional luminous acoustic devices of alarm”).

The safety of the Police Centaurs depends on their immediate recognition, both visual and auditory, in the city traffic. The acoustic emission of the siren plays a fundamental role: thanks to the higher sound of the siren, the road users can easily recognize the arrival of the police’s bikes in emergency and act accordingly by facilitating their passage.

In the case of the X-Cape 650 Local Police, the sirens supplied guarantee an excellent performance, above the minimum values set by the Highway Code (which stipulates the recording of 90 Db in open field, measured at a distance of 30 mt from the motorbike). Moreover, in this X-Cape there are two transducers of the siren: they have the same weight, and they are placed in a specular position, in order to ensure a perfect weight balance.

In addition to being heard first, it’s also very important the visual component. Thanks to Bertazzoni’s experience in the field of emergency vehicles, the X-Cape Local Police is fitted with Bertazzoni’s patented system called Bi-Side Led: a device that ensures the visibility of the blue flashing lights both on the front and on the two sides of bike.

The combination of lights provided by the Bi-Sides and by the classic flashing light attached to the telescopic pole allow the blue flashing lights to be visible at 360°. The strength of the Bi-Sides is not only that they guarantee maximum visibility of the motorbike, but also that they considerably reduce the weight – compared to classic devices placed on bulky protuberant brackets – also improving the aerodynamics of the motorbike and reducing unpleasant noises and vibrations in high speed.

Other details that make the difference and denote the attention paid to this transformation are to be found in the positioning of both the extensible flashing staff and the management console for the installed devices. The telescopic staff (at the end of which is placed the blue flashing light) permits to increase the visibility of the flashing light even when the police officer is sitting on the saddle.

The new special model also gives much importance to the location of operating controls of the sirens and of the blinking lights, to permit the operator to command these devices without taking off his hands from the handlebars. In this way, he can always control the motorbike.

In the X-Cape 650 Local Police, the control keys are in the nearby of the left handlebar and the operator can activate the devices with the only use of the left thumb, keeping firmly the handlebar.

The emergency blue lights of the X-Cape 650 can also be used in the fixed light modecalled “cruise”. We talk about a fixed blue light with a lower intensity that is used during normal service (not in emergency) and that makes the motorcycle more recognizable to those who may need help

Then there is also the livery, the motorcycle’s uniform. Bertazzoni’s graphic designers have combined the technical references with the harmony of the well-marked lines typical of Moto Morini X-Cape 650. The adhesive material used is micro-prismatic, to guarantee the best refraction and consequently the so-called “passive safety”. The improved visibility of the vehicle is given not only by the flashing lights provided, but also by stickers that perfectly refract the lights. Moreover, to ensure a higher visibility of the motorcycle even during daytime, Bertazzoni has applied also special yellow luminescent rhombuses. A completely “Made in Motor Valley” set-up, made by those who have been making special fittings for more than 50 years and who have earned Bertazzoni the recognition as the official fitter of Moto Morini.

As reported by Alberto Monni, General Manager Moto Morini:

“We are proud to provide our X-Cape to Local Police, both because this model is today our flagship, recognized on the market, and because we know that we are providing a reliable and effective tool for their mission. With these bikes, suitably adapted to the purpose by Bertazzoni, highly comfortable and maneuverable, centaurs can respond faster to emergencies and control the streets more effectively. It is a privilege to be able to support our Police Officers with the most advanced tools to maintain the safety of our community.”

Continues Mirko Bertazzoni, CEO of Bertazzoni Special Vehicles:

“We are extremely proud to have collaborated with Moto Morini on this special version of the X-Cape. This project is the result of our focus and commitment to provide highly effective and secure tools to support the work of Police Officers. Safety is a fundamental theme in the design of our special equipment: the Police must have a particular guarantee of protection through both active and passive security tools”.

Concludes Paolo Tondini, Commander of the Local Police of Castelfidardo (AN):

“We currently have 2 X-Cape in use. The bike is perfect for use, dynamic, comfortable and safe, to protect and serve our community. We are aware of the attention and commitment that Moto Morini and Bertazzoni put into the design, and we are sure that these tools will help us in our work and in responding more quickly and effectively to emergencies”.

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