Moto Morini X-Cape 1200

It is a maxi-adventure bike, with a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, power and control, realized for all the biker who want to live without any surrender.

With X-Cape 1.200 adventure and freedom are on hand.

Moto Morini Milano

The naked with a timeless look.

It is the perfect match with elegance, power and tecnological innovation combined with a pure italian style. With its linee, Moto Morini Milano awakes the classic taste but with a modern glimpse. The design is sophisticated, made for demanding and attentive bikers.

Corsaro 750

The new Moto Morini Corsaro 750 is moving art, a presence on the road with no comparison, a pure emotion.

It is a project born to interpret again a historical model of Moto Morini’s brand: the Corsaro. It is the perfect blended of values of the past, and particular items that characterize the future of Moto Morini.

Corsaro Sport

Corsaro Sport: the powerful, fun, and versatile sports bike that offers an unforgettable riding

Innovative design and cutting-edge technology characterize the latest gem from Morini, the right motorcycle for all bikers who desire a sporty and adrenaline-fueled ride.

Stay tuned for all the updating!