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News03 07 2024



Moto Morini’s highly awaited Calibro hits the market.
A twin-cylinder bike with a strong personality, which promises to leave a mark in the medium-displacement custom segment thanks to its muscular, contemporary lines and bold styling, capable of giving free rein to those who like to stand out from the crowd. Calibro is the motorcycle that, thanks to its design, dynamic and sporty handling, ergonomics and low riding position allows riders to experience a different way of enjoying two wheels, to express their personality, character and ideas without compromise.

From the desire for adventure to the pursuit of elegance, from the desire to stand out to the style of traditions, riding the new Calibro means getting involved with your passion. Hence the name Calibro, which refers to the measuring instrument, as accurate and precise as the performances and dynamics of this motorcycle.
With Calibro you can let your instincts drive you, without being influenced by stereotypes, fads and what others would think. Calibro is an innovative custom, which leads beyond the rules, which pushes you to go further. A hymn to freedom, signed Moto Morini.

A combination of style and sophistication that overcomes trends to establish itself as an iconic model. A dual soul lives in Calibro, which on the one hand allows it to break out of the box and on the other to be able to accompany the motorcyclist even in his everyday life. It is perfect for fulfilling customers who want to dare and at the same time also want to use their motorcycles on the shortest and simplest routes. ”The launch of Calibro represents an opportunity to get back in touch with the riders that loves the custom segment. We have been inspired, as anyone who thinks of the universe of motorcycles of this kind, by the atmosphere of American highways, but we have designed a product with unquestionably Italian characteristics. We aim to conquer a space in the market through the values that distinguish us: the unique style of our design, reliability, and the balance between cycling and mechanics that ensures total riding pleasure,” says Alberto Monni, Moto Morini General Manager.

Conceived and designed by the Italian Style Center of the Trivolzio-based brand, it also comes in a bagger version, with 19lt rigid side bags and batwing as standard.

The metallic and mighty 15lt fuel tank and full LED headlights with the light signature that makes the Moto Morini brand unmistakable stand out.

The 700cc in-line 4-stroke twin-cylinder engine is the powertrain that gives riding pleasure and enjoyment and has been revised to enhance its low and mid-range response; the final belt drive, characteristic of custom, allows a smooth ride, easy maintenance and improved acoustic comfort. The braking system-with 320 mm front disc, 2-piston floating caliper, and 255 mm rear disc and floating caliper-and BOSCH ABS ensure safety and stability.

Together with the big-shouldered tires and wide section they offer maximum freedom of movement in total safety. The chassis is Moto Morini’s signature: precision and handling are the two elements on which Calibro is built. From a technical point of view, the double cradle steel frame encloses and protects the engine. Further distinguishing features are the alloy wheels with tubeless aluminum system, 18” at the front and 16” at the rear, and the double shock absorber at the rear with a classic feel.

The low seat is 725 mm from the ground, and the seat, which can be removed at the back, has contrasting stitching that highlights the shape-a stylish detail that gives the whole ensemble a glam touch. A shell that creates continuity with the fender line is provided as an option.

The digital display, integrated into the analog instrumentation, shows the essential data the rider needs to move freely while always having essential info such as fuel level and gear engaged under control.

It also has a USB connector so that any type of digital device can be powered and charged.

The Calibro is available in 2 colors:

Red, Fire Red

Grey, Shark Grey

Bagger version: Black, Quartz Black

In addition to the full power version, it is also available with 35kW, ideal for A2 license holders.

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