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News31 10 2023

Navigation system through app for the Moto Morini range


The Moto Morini X-Cape and Seiemezzo range is updated with an integrated navigation system, allowing users to conveniently view maps and routes directly on the display.

The navigation system is based on WiFi mirroring technology and operates through the MotoFun App– which needs to be downloaded on the user’s mobile device and paired with their motorcycle. The MotoFun App can be downloaded for free from the Android and Apple  App Store.

The innovative mirroring function maximizes the wide visibility and brightness of the 7-inch display for X-Cape and 5-inch display for Seiemmezzo, giving the rider the option to choose from different layout types, including a satellite view of the map integrating traffic notifications.

Different display options and day/night modes will also be available to always ensure the pilot the highest aesthetic performance.

On the Seiemmezzo model, for those who prefer a simpler display style, the “pictogram navigation view” option can always be selected from the menu, which offers a different screen layout, providing directions to follow and the remaining distance to reach the chosen destination.

In order to ensure the safe everyday use of this system, addresses can only be entered from the mobile device while the motorcycle is stationary, this way, while riding, the rider can focus on the driving and the on-screen directions. If the rider has paired a Bluetooth audio device with the motorcycle, they can receive audio directions for the route to follow.

During navigation, it is always possible to listen to selected music from one’s device or receive and make calls from the list of the last ten contacts; essential driving information such as speed and gear position will always be visible.

The new feature equipped in X-cape and Seiemmezzo will be available as an original retrofit,for costumers who have already placed their trust in the Moto Morini brand. For these customers, simply visit official Moto Morini dealers to update the display change, for free.

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