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News25 10 2023

CALIBRO, the new Moto Morini custom that goes beyond the rules


Moto Morini broadens its horizons with the new Calibro, the custom dedicated to all free-spirited motorcyclists who want to go beyond the rules and escape into a world that gives voice to their true soul.

With Calibro, Moto Morini makes a strong return to the custom segment by presenting a motorcycle characterized by a design with a great personality, suitable for a style-conscious youth target searching for a unique motorcycle with a distinctive “American” look.

After pushing its boundaries with the opening of a branch in California, Moto Morini expands its horizons by bringing to life the creation of a different model from the usual cruiser motorcycle standards, by a project conceived and designed at the European Style Centre – headquartered in Trivolzio (PV)- by the motorcycle manufacturer’s Italian team.

The name Calibro, from its own, expresses the true soul of this new Moto Morini custom: the motorcycle that makes you take the right measure between everyday life and the true soul of the motorcyclist, the motorcycle that allows you to distance yourself from stereotypes and makes you travel beyond the rules.

Calibro is a style statement on two wheels and the ideal partner for everyday travel and commuting for all riders who are looking for a motorcycle that is easy to ride and handle but with a distinctly modern and aggressive custom style. For the bravest riders who want to tackle even city routes by stepping outside the box.  

Its muscular and modern lines give Calibro great personality, but at the same time, this motorcycle, can adapt to the lifestyle of motorcyclists by offering many ideas for further customization possibilities according to the rider’s preferences.

Designed then for lovers of the custom world but not only, its modern lines are reflected in the details that characterize the Calibro: the metal tank is imposing and identifying, the full LED headlights bear the luminous signature unmistakable feature of the Moto Morini brand.

Calibro captures the attention not only with style but also through a fun and exciting riding experience; the engine, the parallel twin-cylinder that already equips the Morini range, has been revisited to transmit pleasurable driving pulsations while ensuring smooth running and easy maintenance thanks to the use of a toothed belt in the final drive.

Every ride will be made enjoyable thanks to the relaxed riding position of a cruiser, with the possibility of choosing the position of the footrests best suited to one’s style, set back for a more active ride, forward for those seeking maximum relaxation while riding. The front and rear footrests; shift and brake pedals echo the custom style.

The suspension set-up, rigorous and manoeuvrable, is the common feature of the entire Moto Morini range: the chassis, a sturdy steel double cradle, embraces the powertrain and is equipped with tubeless aluminium wheels of 18″ at the front and 16″ at the back; the double rear shock absorber with its vintage look, counterbalances the Calibro’s powerful and personal design.

The abundant tire section and the generous shoulder ensure a comfort and precision riding, uncommon in this category.

The seat, removable in its rear portion, is embellished with contrasting stitching, and a rear shell that continues the fender line is provided as an accessory for added aesthetic appeal. The seat is positioned only 720 mm from the ground infusing safety and comfort to all kinds of riders.

The rider is in control of the vital functions of the vehicle thanks to an analog dashboard integrated with a digital display that encompasses essential riding data, such as the fuel level and the gear engaged indicator.

The handlebar levers and electrical blocks were designed and manufactured to ergonomic specifications dedicated to the Calibro offering a tactile experience different from the rest of Moto Morini products.

The motorcycle will be marketed in full power version or limited to 35 kW (for A2 license holders), delivered by a highly reliable engine that is easy and fun, but also very fuel-efficient, perfect for all those who are looking for a faithful and tireless partner.

Accessories will not be lacking to make the Calibro a customizable motorcycle for every rider’s needs and to make it suitable for long trips in comfort without sacrificing an attractive look.

Moto Morini’s Calibro, with its unique and unmistakable soul is meant to make its way into the mid-range custom segment and enter the sights of motorcyclists who want to stand out.

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