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News17 04 2023

The Moto Morini Demo Tour makes a stop at the Hat Bobbio Adventour Fest


The MOTO MORINI DEMO-TOUR, launched in March, continues; this test-ride-events loop, which, crossing Italy, is putting all interested people in touch with the brand’s current range, will stop, on April 22nd and 23 April, at the HAT Bobbio Adventourfest (PC), the first gathering of the HAT SERIES of the season, which is promoted and organized by the Over2000riders Association.

The historic motorcycle manufacturer will therefore be present at the HAT Bobbio Adventourfest with the whole team, making the X-CAPE and SEIEMMEZZO (STR and SCR) models – the latter a novelty for the event – available on dedicated routes to each vehicle.

This recommended experience will involve Luca Marcotulli, enduro rider and trainer, with whom the company has already been collaborating since 2022, for all the X-CAPE-dedicated activities. Nevertheless, an absolute novelty for the event, will be the presence of the SEIEMMEZZO, SCR and SCR versions, the naked line launched last year, which will be available to be tested on ad hoc street routes.

This demo ride activities will be accessible to everyone, provided with a valid A driving license and adequate technical clothing.

This stop of the Moto Morini Demo-Tour planned at the Adventourfest in Bobbio, therefore, is not only an opportunity for riders – or future riders – to experience the motorcycle-adventure atmosphere, but also to test and personally try all the brand’s products and discuss with the Moto Morini experts team, as well as take the opportunity to acquire good safe driving practices thanks to the presence of the pilot Luca Marcotulli and the other professional guides who will accompany the demo rides.

In recent years, Moto Morini has chosen to support events such as those that are part of the HAT SERIES with ever greater strength, firmly believing in the value of the community and in exchanging experiences with the public. After all, the town of Bobbio is a well-known destination for motorcyclists, located in the heart of Val Trebbia, full of suggestive paved or dirt roads.

Alberto Monni, Moto Morini General Manager, speaks:

“This year we have decided to associate some stages of our DEMO TOUR with events on the HAT SERIES calendar. The intention is to offer interested people an opportunity for verification and comparison, through dedicated test rides, with the support of our team, in a two wheels enthusiastic context. We strongly believe in the initiatives of the HAT SERIES schedule and in the Adventourfests, it is a unique opportunity for lovers of this sector to get to know each other and take the field”.

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