Simple at heart but with a complex soul: introducing the new Moto Morini Milano, the first in a new family of models to join the range of bikes by the Italian brand. Taking its place alongside the Corsaro ZZ, which remains the sportiest and most prestigious, this is a new model inspired by the lines that have left their mark during the company’s eighty years of history. Like the Corsaro, the Milano is 99% Italian, hand-crafted in the factory in Trivolzio (PV) with components and materials supplied by Italian companies.

Its heart is simple, pure: at first glance the Moto Morini Milano appears carefree and charming, ready to capture the heart of whoever wants an easy to ride and attractive motorcycle, which is both fun and precise. The style created by the designer Angel Lussiana is reminiscent of models from the nineteen-seventies, but with a modern twist, including distinctive features in keeping with the elegance and refinement of Italian style. Its timeless look is nevertheless able to incorporate modern features such as the 5-inch display, derived from the Corsaro, yet with graphics designed for the new model. In sophisticated contrast with its appealing and simple look is the soul of the new motorcycle, emphasised by its name, Milano. The economic capital of Italy, where trends are set and from whence they spread, the place where art and science meet and unite to create new styles and new movements. Where fashions and new forms of thought in design are created, and where the furniture industry draws its inspiration. The contours of the model revive a classic look, a reinterpretation in keeping with the latest styles in Italian design. A choice that has created a timeless look, destined to become an instant classic.

During the nineteen-seventies, Moto Morini launched the 3½, one of its most famous models worldwide: an attractive motorcycle but also nimble around bends, a precious but not unattainable object, a motorcycle desired by many, still loved by its owners today and sought after by collectors. The analogies with the new Moto Morini Milano are evident: starting with the design from the past, which forms the basis of today’s model, yet also in the beating heart that unites the two bikes. The 344cc V-Twin built in1971 was designed by the same engineer – Franco Lambertini – who created the current 1,187cc V-Twin, the Bialbero CorsaCorta. In both models it was decided to limit performance to make the bike easier to handle, yet with more than enough power to exploit the effective and precise chassis and contained total mass.

The chassis of the Moto Morini Milano is based on the familiar steel trellis frame but modified to provide a high level of handling, even for less experienced bikers. The new trellis swing arm also ensures the visibility of the forged aluminium rear wheel. The matching components are top notch: the front end is fitted with fork legs machined from a solid block with adjustable compression, rebound damping and preload settings. The fork rods come with optional DLC coating (diamond like carbon), a carbon-based treatment that improves smoothness, as well as adding an elegant touch of black. The adjustable rear shock absorber was also designed specifically for Moto Morini (compression, rebound damping, preload). The front end braking system relies on four-piston monoblock radial mount callipers, a double floating disc with 320 mm diameter and a semiradial pump, all designed by Brembo; while the rear braking system uses a specifically designed two piston calliper with 220 mm disc. The 17” forged aluminium alloy wheels are fitted with Pirelli Angel GT tyres that offer exceptional traction when cornering combined with excellent mileage and wet grip. Working together with the braking system and tyres is the dual channel Bosch 9.1 MP ABS that can be switched off via a button on the handlebar.

The 87° V Moto Morini twin-cylinder, the Bialbero 1200 CorsaCorta, has been optimized to make riding relaxing and enjoyable, while still being able to deliver up to 110 hp. The new electronic management system for this brand new configuration is designed to provide a full yet steady torque curve. The engine’s “voice” is heard through the new exhaust system: the manifolds, before reaching the twin overlapping exhaust on the right side of the Milano, in several places almost appear to wrap around the engine. An idea inspired by the Moto Morini One-Off department, which created a unique model based on the Corsaro ZZ, the Ti22.