E-Bike Moto Morini CITY 28″

In the Sixties it was called Corsarino. Today, Moto Morini offers a simple mobility for everyone, but without sacrificing the craftsmanship quality. The electrically assisted pedal “Limited e-bike” is the object with which collectors and lovers of the brand greet the return of Moto Morini in the bicycle market.

In this bike there are the same values as our motorcycles: precious materials, handcrafted assembly, both real and perceived high quality. A different way to live the city, riding an easy, fast and practical vehicle.

The unique motor with Zehus technology is called “All-in-One” because the motor and battery are included in a single unit. It has a power output of 250 watts and it can be used to pedal up to a maximum of 25 km/h, the legal limit for vehicles in this category.

Thanks to its small size and reduced weight, the motor is hidden away in the hub in Moto Morini E-bikes, making them feel like traditional bicycles.

Weight 13,5 kg


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