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News28 02 2023

Another Ambassador for Moto Morini: Andrea Zazzara


The historic car manufacturer Moto Morini keeps reinforcing its community with a new partnership. In addition to the well-known Luca Marcotulli, also Andrea Zazzara, a maxi-enduro instructor and racer, becomes part of the Ambassador team for the X-CAPE 650. This partnership aims to strengthen the presence of the brand on the territory through new initiatives for professionals and enduro lovers, also in central Italy.

Andrea Zazzara, born in 1988 in Abruzzo, coordinator of CSEN Motociclismo and head of the Mototurismo Abruzzo association, started his motorcycling adventure at a very young age, specifically at the age of 13 when he started to compete in the interregional enduro championship FMI.

In 2018 he founded the ADS Mototurismo Abruzzo, becoming an Enduro-motocross instructor, level 2. Since then, he has organized tours and maxi-enduro riding courses, he has participated and actively promoted events dedicated to the offroad like the Abruzzo Rally Raid, inaugurated in 2022.

The partnership with Zazzara started in 2022, when he drove the X-CAPE in the HAT series events, and it is now renewed with the role of brand official ambassador and instructor. This partnership reaffirms the intent of Moto Morini to get closer to people in the name of two-wheeled motor vehicles through competitions, entertainment events and training. The choice to collaborate with expert professional riders such as Zazzara and Marcotulli, aims to tell the brand both through races and good driving practices.

Therefore the year 2023 will be full of activities dedicated to the X-CAPE which will see Zazzara involved in competitions and events as well as in the realization of courses aimed at all offroad driving lovers at any level.

Alberto Monni, Moto Morini’s general manager, says:

“We want to consolidate Moto Morini as a leading brand, with quality products and important initiatives while getting in touch with motorcycle enthusiasts and strengthening our community. Andrea Zazzara is an enthusiastic maxi-enduro racer and trainer. We are sure he will be able to add value to our X-CAPE in the best way possible, both through courses and during the events.”

Andrea Zazzara, maxi-enduro instructor and racer


”Moto Morini X-Cape 650cc is a versatile crossover, suitable for both Adventouring novices and more experienced riders. I’d like to thank Moto Morini for giving me this opportunity. I’m honored to represent a brand with a long history of excellence. My passion for maxi-enduro and my experience as a rider and trainer make this opportunity even more special. I can’t wait to promote the brand and share my knowledge and experience with other motorcycle enthusiasts.”

Photo credits: Massimo Di Trapani

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