The soul of a twin-cylinder bike

On paper it’s the bialbero 1200 Corsacorta. On the road it’s the twin-cylinder bike you will fall in love with

The bialbero 1200 Corsacorta

Our soul lives here, between the two cylinders of the Bialbero CorsaCorta 1200, positioned in an 87° “V”. The engine, designed by Franco Lambertini, brings to life the glorious past of Moto Morini, both through its name, which brings to mind the 250 Bialbero that towards the end of the 1950s was the world’s fastest single-cylinder motorcycle, and through its architecture that incorporates other historical Morini models, also powered by Lambertini-designed engines.

1,187 cubic cm, four-valve, liquid-cooled, cylinder blocks with crankcase, dual camshaft, aluminium alloy heads with 10% silicon: the Bialbero 1200 CorsaCorta combines some typical traits of Italian engines with innovative ideas. Such as the mixed solution chosen for the distribution, with the camshafts driven by two chains in opposition moved by a common intermediate shaft that runs through the V of the cylinders.

The angle between the cylinders makes the CorsaCorta perfectly balanced, meaning that countershafts are not needed, with a consequent reduction in inertia, allowing high rotation speeds to be reached. In addition, the exceptional 107 mm bore allows for the use of sufficiently large valves to give free rein to the high-revving potential of the twin-cylinders. When driven, in fact, the Bialbero 1200 CorsaCorta demonstrates a solid and constant delivery even at high speeds, unlike any other twin-cylinder that suffers at higher revs. Its character is unique, providing just the right amount of power to enjoy any journey, tackling any corner and putting to work the excellent chassis.

The Bialbero 1200 CorsaCorta was created for riding pleasure and can’t be fully appreciated through technical specifications alone: you need to climb on board and start the engine.

The road to riding pleasure

Every technical decision on our engine has the same goal: to provide effortless enjoyment.

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