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Our rental philosophy to let all motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy the full Moto Morini experience

Rental conditions

The test ride philosophy proposed by Moto Morini allows all enthusiasts to enjoy the full experience, providing the opportunity to try out different models of the Italian motorcycle manufacturer. We want the biker to be able to test the motorcycle wherever he wants, however he wants, with whomever he wants and for all the time he needs to develop a connection with the bike and gain on the road experience. Therefore our Test Ride allows for the rental of the motorcycle straight from our showroom in Trivolzio (PV), for a period ranging from a day to a month without any mileage limit. We believe that in this way the customer can appreciate in its entirety the model chosen from the Moto Morini range and will also have the opportunity of viewing some custom versions of our motorcycles at our Showroom and buy all the Moto Morini branded merchandising.


Rental for 1 day
From 9.00 to 18.00

Rental for 2 days
From 9.00 to 18.00 of the following day

Rental for 1 weekend
From the afternoon of Friday (collection from 16.00 to 18.00) to Monday (delivery before 12.00)

Rental for 1 week
From Friday to Friday

Rental for 2 weeks
From Friday to Friday of the following week

Rental for 4 weeks

At the time of rental you will be asked for a security deposit of € 900.00 as deductible stated in the Kasco policy, a sum that will be returned in full at the end of the rental if there is no damage to the vehicle. Furthermore, in case of purchase of a motorcycle within the year the cost of the rental will be deducted from the final price. For more information or to request availability of the vehicles please write to indicating your chosen model and the period required.
For more information on contract terms and insurance and security deposit download the relevant PDF!

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