Moto Morini is reintroducing pedals once again, but with a new identity this time. For the company this is a comeback, not a début, but with a modern twist: completely hidden from sight, to assist pedalling, there is a 250-Watt motor, a Lithium-ion battery, a regenerative braking mechanism, and an electronic control unit. If urban mobility was once reserved for mopeds, today it is the turn of pedal assist bicycles, which allow riders to cover many kilometres with less effort and at faster speeds.


It was back in the seventies, in Italy mobility was dominated by the car. It was, however, the right time to rediscover the bicycle as a means of transport not for daily commitments but as a leisure tool for carefree movement. And during those same years, Moto Morini began to put its name to the Corsarina and the Sbarazzina, two bicycles as alternatives to the mopeds and small motorcycles from which they took their name, albeit in the female version. Indeed, the Corsarino and the Sbarazzino were two of Morini’s best-selling motorcycles, the Corsarino was extremely popular among younger riders and those who dreamt of owning sport bikes, while the Sbarazzino was easier to ride and more comfortable.


Today, therefore, Moto Morini returns to the world of two-wheeled pedalling but with the integrated thrust of an electric motor. The first model in this new range is the Limited E-Bike, a two-wheeler for the urban environment but with the soul of a sport bike, characterized by the craftsmanship of our hand-assembled motorcycles. Only 30 specimens and a competitive price to welcome the company’s return to this sector that has been enjoying a boom in recent years. Respecting the made in Italy philosophy that is one of the main values behind Moto Morini, Milano Bike was chosen as a partner for design and assembly.

Assisted pedalling is there but you can’t see it. The glossy aluminium frame gives no hint as to the technology that is completely hidden in the rear wheel hub: so it looks like a “normal” bicycle yet incorporates the best technology available today.

Starting from the 250-Watt Zehus all-in-one motor, which allows a maximum speed of 25 km / h (the legal limit). It is powered by a 160 wh lithium ion battery charged through pedal motion and regenerative braking, whereas the onboard electronics are controlled by a dedicated and free app, available for both Android and iOS devices. It weighs only 13.5 kg – just like a normal bicycle – allowing you to move either using assisted pedalling or with the sole strength of your legs without the burden of shifting excessive weight.


The design of this first limited edition model – already on sale at a launch price of 2,050 Euros, both online and through Moto Morini distributors – is essential and functional. Frame in 6061 aluminium with a glossy finish, fixed steel fork, 26-inch aluminium wheels, V-brake brakes, a comfortable touring handlebar, and the saddle is embroidered with the well-known Eagle logo.


Through the dedicated site you can learn more and buy this modern motorized bike re-imagined by Moto Morini. Once the 30 limited edition models will be gone, you will have to wait for the full range of pedal-assisted bicycles that will be unveiled in November during the upcoming edition of Eicma in Milan.