Milan, November 5th – The latest One-Off built by Moto Morini takes its inspiration from the endurance races of the 1970s.


The most recent and also the first to be built on the basis of the new Corsaro 1200 ZZ, its name is a reference to titanium, the noble metal with which one of its most remarkable features was realized, the exhaust system specially created for this custom-made bike.


The Moto Morini One-Off department, which creates unique models on request and according to customer specifications, introduces the Corsaro “Ti22”, a custom model that takes the Corsaro 1200 ZZ back to the days when endurance races were all the rage and for constructors were the best arena to demonstrate the reliability of their own mechanics. To give it the look of an endurance bike, a round headlamp has been mounted instead of the dual projector used on the standard model, encased in an aluminium fairing hand-beaten by Italian craftsmen. Also made of aluminium are the petrol tank, with its unique shape – thinner than the standard model – and the single-seat cowl: so the “Ti22” tones down the naked-style of the Corsaro ZZ, with contour lines from the front to the rear that appear traced by the wind. The black and bronze livery chosen for this unique model leaves some exposed areas in aluminium to highlight the use of this material, typical of the racing motorcycles of the period that inspired this One-Off model.


The exhaust system in titanium designed by Arrow is another unique part created specifically for this model. The manifolds have seen some changes reminiscent of the two-stroke engine expansion chambers, almost wrapping the crankcase of the 1200 CorsaCorta engine. The twin overlapping exhaust shows off its titanium structure and the oblique-cut carbon muffler tip. Also machined from a solid block is the steering plate bearing the double “M” Moto Morini logo, to which the handlebar mounts are fixed. Of particular interest is the choice of spoked wheels instead of the aluminium-forged spokes on the ZZ. The Corsaro “Ti22” is fitted with Pirelli Diablo Superbike tyres, to further emphasise its connection to the world of racing.


The other features in common with the Corsaro ZZ are: the 139 hp and 125 Nm engine, the Brembo braking system (although carbon fibre levers were chosen on the handlebars), and the customizable digital dashboard with a 5” screen produced by the Milanese company AIM. As with both standard and One-Off models, the Italian quality of Moto Morini shines through every last detail and decision, even in the choice of photo shoot setting: images of the Corsaro “Ti22” were taken at the Franchini Legnami, timber company in Pavia, just a few kilometres from the Morini headquarters in Trivolzio.