Easier, more friendly but still Corsaro

The Corsaro family is enriched with a new model. The ZT initials are about to indicate the Corsaro ZZ’s evolution towards a motorbike designed for those Morini owners who were looking to live a more involving, yet less committed experience.

Corsaro ZT and Corsaro ZZ:
2 styles compared!

Driving position

The tank (smaller, thinner) compared to the previous Corsaro ZZ, along with an unchanged saddle enables easier dismounting and an easier, more relaxing ride.

New front headlight

The design also boasts a new round front headlamp which immediately transforms it into an instant classic which is both pleasant to see and ride. The indicators are new.

Access to information

A different, more angled dashboard positioning ensures easier visibility.

Aggressive line

The rear spoiler disappears while the smaller rear mudguard helps with a more streamlined design, weight and that “racing bike” character which marked the Corsaro ZZ.

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